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Build Your Downlines in 12 Banner / Text Ad Networks using our Downline Builder.
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Hi, My name is Neil Bennett. I have custom altered / coded
Banner-Textads.com to be a MEGA Banner, Square, Login Ad, Leaderboard & Text Ad Rotator.

Over the years, I have built down lines into the hundreds / thousands in some sites.

Some of the down lines I have built get me thousands of visitors a day.

I am actively subscribing and joining new network advertising sites all the time to expand my online advertising portfolio.

I have upgraded accounts at a lot of sites and do a lot of traffic generation purchases
as well as my own traffic generation efforts.

I needed a way to rotate my own Banners & Text ads throughout my own sites and network.

So, Banner-Textads.com was born, and you can now get YOUR Banners, Squares, Login Ads, Leaderboards & Text Ads rotating throughout my sites and network.

I drive lots of visitors daily to my sites from Traffic Exchanges,
Mailers, Safelists, Banner & Text exchanges and lots of other sources.

Get your Banners, Squares, Login Ads, Leaderboards & Text Ads added into Banner-Textads.com Mega rotator and get visitors sent to your sites / affiliate links from around the world.

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Random Testimonial
Yet Another Gem!

Yet another gem from Neil!, Banners and Text Ads which appear along with the members' sites on the Mega Rotator from MyHits2U or alone on a single page on the Pro Members' Showcase page. Brilliant and unique idea to get our promotions seen just about everywhere! Nothing like this site anywhere else so another MUST!

One of my highly recommended sites